USS Grocery Vouchers Program

The Grocery Voucher Program is available for students who demonstrate financial need and are not eligible for CalFresh with a focus on UC Santa Barbara undocumented students. Undocumented students are able to receive 2 grocery vouchers ($100 in total) per quarter. Grocery vouchers are distributed at the Food Security and Basic Needs Advising Center at the UCen. 


22-23 Grocery Vouchers

UCSB's Rapid Rehousing Program

This program offers assistance to students with housing needs by offering transitional housing, housing vouchers, and case management. 

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Financial Crisis Response Team


The UCSB Financial Crisis Response Team exists to assist students who are facing a financial crisis or urgent financial need. This effort aims to assist undergraduate and graduate students who are facing significant financial difficulties that jeopardize their path to graduation. The team works closely to evaluate, respond, and support students in crisis in a streamlined and timely manner.

Experiencing a financial emergency?

Financial Crisis Team

If you are experiencing a crisis, email the Financial Crisis Response Team the details and they will work with you to develop a plan of action.  Depending on the situation, you will either be asked to answer a few questions about the situation in an online form or be asked to meet in person with an advisor in the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships, or both. An advisor will help guide you through the process. This effort was put in place to help undergraduate students as well as graduate students. 


The A.S. Food Bank is located on the third floor of the UCEN; the ASFB provides students with free food resources and toiletries. To be eligible, users must (1) be registered UCSB undergraduate or graduate students and (2) making less than $14,484 per year.

The Miramar Pantry is located in the Sierra Madre Villages, Miramar provides students with free food resources and toiletries. To be eligible, users must (1) be registered UCSB undergraduate or graduate students and (2) making less than $14,484 per year.

Food, Nutrition, and Basic Skills Program (FNBS) hosts free workshops that give students the opportunity to taste delicious and easy meals, practice their hands-on cooking skills, and learn how to stretch their dollar while grocery shopping.

Food Not Bombs is both a social movement and community potluck, this all-volunteer organization prepares free vegan and vegetarian dinners for the IV community every Sunday.

Cafe Picasso offers community members a free home-cooked brunch and group to gather with every Sunday. Meals are served at St. Michael's University Church in IV and all students are welcome to attend, regardless of faith.

Through Swipe Out Hunger, students can apply to receive meal tickets for the campus dining commons. Residents are able to donate three meals each week, Mon – Fri.

St. Michael's Community Garden houses sixteen raised bed plots are available for those in the community who wish to grow their own fruits, vegetables and flowers. Plots cost $15 deposit + $5/month.<

The IV Elementary Food Pantry is a Pop-up food distribution service that supplies students and families with fresh produce and food staples. Occurs once a month at IV Elementary. Participants are encouraged to bring their own reusable bags.

The IV Co-Op is a community-run grocery store located in IV offers high-quality groceries that are particularly affordable through its Co-ops Basic program. Occasional giveaways and free demos are also hosted.

Talk with other UCSB students (Food Security Advocates) who are trained on the variety of resources that the local community have to offer, including those on food, finances, and housing.

Food For All strives for everyone to have access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food. Our regularly-updated social media pages act as a central hub for food security events, resources and information around campus.


The Community Housing Office empowers renters with accurate and constructive knowledge of their rights and responsibilities. Services include housing placement, dispute resolution, and educational workshops.

The IVTU empowers Isla Vista tenants through education, advocacy and grassroots organizing. By promoting tenant interests and acting against violations of tenants' rights, the union strives to build a united, educated community supportive of its residents.


CLAS is meant to supplement students' classroom learning, Campus Learning Assistance Services offers course-specific tutoring groups, workshops, and drop-in hours at no additional cost for students. Program topics range from chemistry to writing to general academic skills.

Disabled Students Program (DSP) staff members assist permanently and temporarily disabled students in their success at UC Santa Barbara. DSP serves as the liaison regarding issues and regulations related to students with disabilities. Students are responsible for making DSP aware of their disabilities and for providing appropriate documentation. Services provided by DSP are all free of charge.


AS Community Financial Fund offers quarterly Financial Literacy Workshops to all UCSB students. Participants may receive $350 upon completion.

AS/EOP Grants are available to students facing unusual educationally-related expenses. Areas covered include medical/dental costs, graduate program testing fees, textbook & supplies, etc.

The Alumni Associations offers loans up to $100 for undergraduate students can be made available to those requiring short-term emergency financial assistance.


More than 100 public computers are located throughout the UCSB Library and the Music Library. Click here to find a map of public computer locations on campus.

Available via the Services Desk in the UCSB Library or from the Circulation Desk in the Music Library.  They are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The maximum loan period is 4 hours. Please read the laptop checkout policy thoroughly before checking out a laptop. You must return the laptop to the desk where you checked it out by the due date/time to avoid fines.

Resources available include:

Short Term Loaner Laptop Devices

The maximum loan period for laptop devices is 30 days. Eligibility criteria include being currently enrolled at least half the time. Borrowers must sign a borrower agreement form.

Long-Term Laptop Device

These are gifted Chromebook devices. Eligibility criteria included being enrolled at least half-time and must demonstrate financial need.

Internet Support Grant

This is a $255 grant to support students with the purchase of a hotspot. Students are referred to an organization to make the purchase and secure a low-cost internet plan. Eligibility criteria include being enrolled at least half-time and must demonstrate financial need.

To request any of the resources above, please complete this google form.

The UCSB Library has a variety of items available at the Services Desk for checkout to UCSB students, faculty, and staff. Lending technology includes charging cables, calculators, headphones, presentation clickers and more. Most items have a maximum loan period of 4 hours.