(AB 540 eligible students)

  • The UC Application is available to all applicants online. 
  • Students file one application and have the opportunity to select any of the nine UC campuses open
    for freshman/transfer student enrollment.
  • US citizens pay $70/campus they wish to apply to; International students pay $80.
    • (Dream Scholars pay $70.)
  • A fee waiver is available on the UC application.
    • It allows qualified students at four UC campuses to review the application without charge.
      • (Dream Scholars qualify for the fee waiver!)
  • On the UC application, Dream Scholars must leave the SSN blank, and select "no selection" from
    the drop-down menu when asked about citizenship, and are encouraged to talk about their legal status in the Personal Statement.
  • The application is due November 1-30 the year prior to enrollment.
  • UC eligibility requirements are outlined on the Office of Admissions page

Contact the Office of Admissions

Email, subject line 
"Dream Scholar Question"


For Freshman Applicants

Freshman selection to UC Santa Barbara is determined following a comprehensive review of an applicant's achievements and personal qualities, seen in the context of the opportunities and/or challenges the applicant has had. UCSB does NOT conduct interviews, read letters of recommendation or review supplemental documentation.

It's in the best interest of a Dream Scholar to speak about their accomplishments as it pertains to any of the following selection criteria:

  • Challenges, special circumstances, hardship, persistence
  • Leadership, initiative, service, and motivation
  • Diversity of cultural and social experience
  • Intellectual and creative engagement and vitality
  • Honors, awards, special projects and talents

For Transfer Applicants

  • Admission as a transfer applicant is done at the junior level at UCSB.
  • For students starting at a California Community College UCSB has Transfer Admission Guarantees (TAG) published on www.assist.org and our Admissions website.
  • Visit the Admissions website for details and transfer advice as it pertains to your major.
  • For more info, checkout this quick guide from Immigrants Rising for undocumented students applying to the UC as transfer students: 

Transferring to UC guide