The goal of the program is to  provide mentorship for first year students to successfully transition to UCSB. increase mentorship opportunities for undocumented students at UCSB. Students are paired up with an upperclassman who will provide guidance, resources, and support as well as familiarity with campus life.  

As part of this program, you are also eligible to apply for the USS scholarship which supports research opportunities and/or career development.

The program consists of one-on-one meetings with your assigned mentor, workshops, activities, and socials that serve to enhance your academic and social experience at UCSB. 


This program is different from the USS Mentoring Program which is for students who are seeking a faculty, staff, and alumni as mentor.

Topics Discussed

  • Building a professional work profile
  • Mentorship & Networking opportunities
  • Adjusting to university-level academic expectations
  • Planning & preparing for your future during your academic career and after graduation 
  • Finding financial and academic resources that work for you
  • Sharing personal & professional experiences as a UCSB student 
  • Balancing & managing personal, professional, and social responsibilities
  • And More! 

Program Requirements

  • Meet with your assigned mentor 10 times throughout the academic year (2 times in the fall, 4 in Winter and 4 in Spring) 
  • Meet once with a USS staff member 
  • Attend 4 program workshops throughout the academic year (time and date TBD) 
  • Attend program orientation (date and time TBD) 
  • Attend 3 USS Signature Workshops throughout the academic year (1 per quarter)
  • Attend 3 USS socials throughout the academic year (1 per quarter) 

Program Benefits 

Mentees will learn about the resources available to them, academic & professional opportunities, and they will have the ability to learn the basic ropes of social and cultural life at UCSB. The goal is for both mentors and mentees to enhance their professional and social skills in a mutually beneficial relationship that will allow each participant to feel comfortable and ready for their journey at UCSB. 


How to apply

Submit an application.


Applications are 
due Dec. 11 at 11:59PM

Application  Deadline

Applications will open at the end of summer. 

Who can Apply

First year UCSB Undocumented students with and without DACA.


The dates and times for the session will be provided once the application opens.