In order to provide resources that fulfill the professional development needs of undocumented students, we provide internships to students free of citizenship requirements and support students financial need with a scholarship. We provide full school year commitment including summer term internships.

Our interns are an essential part of Undocumented Student Services as there is no best way to ensure we are fulfilling students’ needs than by allowing students themselves to collaborate on the efforts to address the needs of all undocumented students. We provide a wide range of positions that vary each school year.

How to Apply

Typically, applications open at the beginning of spring quarter of the academic year. When applications open up, information will be posted here, on social media, and sent via email.

2017-2018 Intern Testimonies

"Through this internship, I enjoyed creating and executing events, where I encouraged socialization among students. I was able to be creative, while at the same time allowing people to feel more welcome on this campus. Overall, I became more extroverted through my work and was able to assist students in their transition to UCSN."


"This internship allowed me to grow with my communication skills and professional skills. I really liked that interns had check-ins with the coordinator for intern and student meetings. These were very helpful interns of professional growth and educational guidance by reflecting on myself in both positions and doing work within the internship that allowed me to gain more skills for my future."


"Sometimes, the internship led me through hoops that I didn't expect, but overall I learned a lot and practiced to be even more flexible and adaptable. I was able to share my personal story with so many different groups as expected and enjoyed my time doing so."


"This internship allowed me to experience what a career in student affairs and/or higher education looks like. I had an opportunity to meet many different people with many different job titles that I didn't even know existed. On top of that, this internship helped me be more appreciative of other communities on campus that I had little to no knowledge of."


"Being an intern has allowed me to be around students which share similar experiences, but also difference that allow us to grow with and from each other."