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Programming and Student Development Intern


How can I help? 
You can ask me anything about campus/academic involvements, campus/academic resources, best go-to spots for relaxation (beach, hiking trails, etc.), student life experiences, and food recommendations around IV/SB area! My role centers on creating events/programs/workshops that provides beneficial supports for students in both of their academic and personal endeavors. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or anything you want to talk about, come chat with me! 

About Me 
Shannia is a first-generation Filipino transfer student from Cerritos College. She received her associate’s degree in Business Administration and is now pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Sociology at UCSB. Shannia likes to spend her free time traveling, baking, going on walks or working out, and trying out new foods at different places. Currently, she is working as a lead peer educator at the UCSB Transfer Student Center, which focuses on peer mentoring fellow undergraduate transfer students, supporting the center's workshops and activities, and assisting in the development and promotion of the Center. Shannia is also affiliated with cultural groups on campus such as the Kapatirang Pilipino and Filipino American Student Transfer. In the future, Shannia would like to be involved in either clinical or social work that seeks to empower individuals and communities and foster positive change and emotional

Fun fact: Most people know me by my nickname “Trixie” because I think it’s easier to remember and hearing my legal name sounds too formal! :) 

Where are you and your family from?
My family and I were originally from Tacloban City, Leyte, Philippines.

What words of wisdom do you have for undocumented students?
Your dreams are limitless, and your potential knows no borders. Keep reaching for the stars; your resilience is your greatest strength!
What is one thing off your bucket list? 
See the Northern lights.