Melissa Candell Villacreses

USS Director


(805) 893-5609

About Me: 

Melissa was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador and raised in Pomona, California. She is a DACAmented educator who understands many of the challenges undocumented students face because she has lived them herself. Melissa was raised by a single mother who cleaned houses for a living and is a proud first-generation college graduate. She started her educational journey at Mt. San Antonio College, and later transferred to UC Berkeley to earn a B.A. in Latin American Studies. Post graduation, she decided to become an educator to replicate the love, support, guidance, and advocacy that she received, but for other undocumented students and their families. Knowing that undocumented folks’ everyday experiences are impacted by policies, she decided to pursue a Master in Public Policy from UCLA. She looks forward to using her heart and skills to support your growth at UCSB. 

How can students connect with you? 

Click here to schedule an appointment. If your case is urgent, please email me for faster assistance.

How can I help?

Make an appointment with me if you want to talk about USS services, life after college, our families and loved ones, or anything else you feel I can assist with. 

Where are you and/or your family from?

From Guayaquil, Ecuador and Pomona, California. 

What words of wisdom do you have for undocumented students?

Never forget where you come from and embrace the journey that is taking you where you are meant to be.

What is one thing off your bucket list?

Finding an authentic Ecuadorian restaurant in SoCal (may not seem like a big deal but our food is hard to find in California!!!!)