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Pre-Pair Mentor


About Me 
Delmy grew up in El Salvador until she was 16 years old. Delmy is a 4th sociology with a minor in Education and hopes to continue her studies to become a Clinical Social Worker. She is currently involved at UCSB as a research assistant for two research projects that work with undocumented individuals and help organizations deal with compassion fatigue. She now serves as a peer mentor, hoping to provide meaningful guidance to other undocumented students.

Delmy is passionate about advocating for other undocumented students and wants to help undocumented students who are afraid to look for resources and do not know where to find the help they need. In her free time, Delmy enjoys spending time with her sisters, watching K- dramas, and reading romantic books.

Where are you and your family from?
We are from El Salvador.

What words of wisdom do you have for undocumented students?
You can also do it. It may take longer than you thought, but you can accomplish all you have
dreamed of; you have worked harder than others have, so be proud of yourself. Don’t let the
label “undocumented” determine where you get in life. Find an undocumented community that
can support you and help carry the burden of being undocumented.

What is one thing off your bucket list? 
Visiting Machu Picchu.