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Communications and Student Engagement Intern


How can I help?   
Hey everyone! I am one of the many wonderful people here at USS to support both your academic and personal needs. Being a student with intersectional identities of being first generation, non-binary, queer, and low income, I am a person whose intersectional identities have molded themselves to create the full embodied self I am now. Ask me questions regarding navigating college life with any of the above identities, how to connect to different campus resources and communities, or anything else related to college life, whether socially or academically. 

About Me:  
Hey everyone! My name is Bryan and I am a fourth year student majoring in Sociology with a minor in Spanish. Originally from Michoacan Mexico, I was raised entirely in SoCal, specifically within the outskirts of the Los Angeles region. Coming from a low-income, first generation family household, I’ve always held the great ambition and desire of taking part in meaningful impact to those who need it most. Being a first generation Chicanx queer individual, I believe I hold the appropriate intersectional identities to help create the best empathetic support system for you and your needs. A fun fact about myself is I love engaging in creative writing, often journaling and creating poetry as a mechanism to cope whenever I feel stressed or under the weather. I also love anything unconventional, abstract, and second hand, often taking these things into the way I style my fashion, my overall aesthetic, and even the way I think. In the near future, I hope to work within the public sector, somewhere within digital marketing and PR specifically, but also open to working within public administration and human resources as well.

Where are you and/or your family from? 
Both myself and my family are from Michoacan, Mexico. I was born in a small pueblo named Numaran and was raised entirely in Los Angeles, California shortly after.

What words of wisdom do you have for undocumented students? 
Plant the root of confidence deeply within your soul. Once that’s done, you’ll be limitless in the many challenges, opportunities, and milestones that follow pursuit of that initial action.

What is one thing off your bucket list? 
Take a months-long cross-country roadtrip in an old, vintage Volkswagen minivan across the entire U.S filled with adventures of sight seeing, star gazing, camping, national forests, etc.