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Pre-Pair Mentor


About Me 
Bryan is a Senior majoring in Sociology. He and his family resided in Honduras ,where he was originally born, up until 2007 where they moved to California, USA. He attended school from elementary to high school in Fontana CA and is currently attending UCSB as an undergrad. He’s also a member of various groups such as the Promise Scholars, EOP, and the Sociology Association. Moreover, Bryan is the president of the recently revived IDEAS, an organization dedicated to advocate and support undocumented students and mixed family students. Bryan aspires to do his PhD in Sociology and eventually get into the field of social work in efforts of reforming some of the structures that are currently in place. He has a small cat named Ash and is close with his family as they serve as a big inspiration for most of his work in UCSB. Bryan plays video games, bakes, and likes to write in his free time.

Where are you and your family from?
Bryan was born in Honduras but his mom is Costa Rican and his father is Nicaraguense.

What words of wisdom do you have for undocumented students?
Your status gives you a unique perspective and experience, but it doesn’t have to be a lonely one. We understand what you may be feeling or going through and there isn’t a circumstance that can’t be worked out, just get in touch with us. Remember that your status doesn’t determine your future.

What is one thing off your bucket list? 
To buy a house where me and all my family have our own rooms and space (also for it to have a big kitchen so me and my mom can cook comfortably).